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General Information

Grant Arnold Anderson
57 Front Street, Apt 602
Brooklyn, NY 11201


b 1956, Great Falls, MT. BS Montana Tech, MS Ohio State University, Continuing Studies: Maryland Institute, College of Art; School 33; Creative Alliance.


"I work in drawing media and encaustic wax on paper. My subject is always the human form. My current work consists mostly of portraits of African American, Latino, and South American men--subjects quite under-represented in the visual arts. Each piece begins as a drawing on paper, either from life or photo reference. Some drawings are mounted on board, then layered with drawing media and encaustic wax to completion. The encaustic medium is created by cooking natural and synthetic waxes together with resins and pigment."


Fresh Fruit, curated from the L/L Foundation Permanent Collection, SOHO, New York, 2006

About Face, Portraits from the L/L Foundation Permanent Collection, SOHO, New York, 2006

Dirty Little Drawings, Leslie/Lohman Gallery, SOHO New York, 2005

Baltimore/Chicago (juried), Curator-Kerry James Marshall, ARTSCAPE-Baltimore, 2004

Etchings and Drawings (national juried show),
City Gallery, Winner-Juror’s Choice, 2003;

City Gallery, two-person show, 2003, Baltimore;

Art on Paper (juried), Fleckenstein Gallery, 2002, Towson, MD

Obsession, Addiction, Passion! (juried), Creative Alliance, 2002, Baltimore;

To the Nth Degree (juried), Touchstone Gallery, 2002, Washington, DC

Tiki Torch Auction (invitational), Creative Alliance, 2002, Baltimore;

Summer Exhibition (juried), City Gallery, 2002, Winner-Juror’s Choice, Baltimore;

Exposed: Drawings of the Human Figure (juried), Creative Alliance, 2002, Baltimore;

Resurgam Gallery, two-person show, 2002, Baltimore;

Spring Exhibition (juried), City Gallery, 2002, Baltimore;

Art on Paper (national juried show), Circle Gallery, 2002, Annapolis;

Autumn Exhibition (juried), City Gallery, 2001, Winner-Juror’s Choice, Baltimore;

Small Works (juried), Maryland Federation of Art, 2001, Annapolis;

The Big Show, Creative Alliance, 2001, 2002, Baltimore;

Summer Exhibition, Maryland Federation of Art, 2001, Annapolis;

MAP Fundraiser (invitational)-2001, 2002, Maryland Art Place, Baltimore;

Lotta Art-2001, 2002, 2003, School 33, Baltimore;

Collector’s Choice-2001, 2002, 2003, Maryland Federation of Art, Annapolis;


Glenn McNatt (Art Critic, Baltimore Sun) "Grant Arnold Anderson’s superbly drafted portrait heads of African-American men in graphite and encaustic are as sensitively and sympathetically rendered as a drawing by Copley.” “...masterful...”

Katherine Blood (Curator of Fine Prints and Drawings, The Library of Congress) “...exquisite drawing by artist Grant Anderson.” “...a tremendous presence. At the same time the gauziness and suspension of the image give it a dreamy sort of magic realism."

David Gracyalny (Dean, Continuing Studies, Maryland Institute, College of Art): “I felt great admiration for the innovation and daring of Grant Arnold Anderson’s mixed media work. Using wax over graphite was not only inventive; it also worked to enhance the intriguing quality of spatial illusion and surface treatment.”



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